Sarah Palin’s Carl Paladino Rented to Gay Clubs!

excerpt from the AP …..”NEW YORK — A newspaper reports that state liquor license records show that New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino had once collected rent from two gay clubs in downtown Buffalo.

The Daily News reports Wednesday that Cobalt operated as a gay bar in 2004 and most of 2005 and was run by Paladino’s son, William. The building that housed the club was owned by one of Paladino’s many companies, Huron Group LLC.

The other club, Buddies II, operated under the name Queen City Entertainment in another Paladino building.”

Hey Carl, as long as they PAY you really don’t give a damn what people do – do you Mr. Live and Let Live?  Mr. Pandering to the lowest forms to drive hate, fear, division just to get a VOTE or an ENDORSEMENT!  

Sarah Palin’s Tea Party candidate Mr. Paladino = MAJOR FAIL!

via Report: NY’s Paladino once rented to gay clubs.

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Mrs. Palin Scores a Hat Trick!

Mrs. Palin,  America’s pitbull in lipstick scores a “Hat Trick” just ahead of the MidTerm elections!

Mrs. Palin was busy in Florida over the last weekend talking a Palin Presidency, Armageddon with Iran and more Death Panels yet for Americans everywhere!  

How the hell are we suppose to get any sleep with so much bat-shit crazy speak?      

Palin Doubles Down on “Death Panels” | Mother Jones.

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Palin Warns of ‘Armageddon, Third World War’ in Exclusive Newsmax Broadcast

Just what the Country needs, the “woefully unprepared” Sarah Palin talking about Armageddon, and a Third World Nuclear War with Iran!  

The thoughts of Sarah Palin, with her belief that God wants her to be President, and her lust for “end of days” rapture for Armageddon and a Third World War with Iran, makes thoughts of a President Palin with the nuclear codes of the United States of America seems like a total nightmare to this American Citizen!  

Something has gone dangerously wrong in America when a wholly ignorant, UnAmerican religious zealot and “woefully unprepared” person like Sarah Palin has gotten this close to the White House and now recklessly talks Armageddon with Iran!               

Excerpt ….. “U.S. News & World Report reported that Palin’s visit to Newsmax last week for the show’s taping was the clearest sign yet that she is seriously contemplating a presidential bid for 2012. Newsmax is the most-read website for conservatives in the nation, U.S. News noted.

During the interview, the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate addressed a wide range of issues, with her most serious comments focusing on national security, specifically the threat that Iran will acquire a nuclear weapon.

“We have to realize that, at the end of the day,” Palin warns in the interview, “a nuclear weapon in that country’s hands is not just Israel’s problem or America’s problem — it is the world’s problem. It could lead to an Armageddon. It could lead to that World War III that could decimate so much of this planet.”

Palin’s reference to Armageddon, described in the Bible’s book of Revelation that refers to a final battle between good and evil over the state of Israel.”

via Palin Warns of ‘Armageddon, Third World War’ in Exclusive Newsmax Broadcast.

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Paladino Hangs Out at Gay Bar

…..  excerpt …. “According to numerous and verified accounts of the incident, a drunken Carl Paladino started to harass one of the burlesque dancers on stage, grabbing her leg and asking her to “show me your pu**y“. Becker, who was working in the bar, repeatedly warned Paladino to leave the girls alone and not to leave his drink on the stage but continued to harass the women. When warned again, Paladino’s response to Becker was “shut up you f*cking dyke. Don’t quit your day job.” ….. click below to finish this story via WNY Media.

I don’t think a man who enjoys watching and than passing onto his buddies deviant pornographic images of women have sex with horses should be the moral authority on what is “decent” in our society!

Why is it so difficult for people to explain what it means to be gay to their children?  It wasn’t hard for my Mother to explain it to me as a young girl, and she did in a way that was respectful to gays!  

It’s hypocritical sexual deviants with racist, sexist, bigoted worldviews that fly in the face of what decent family values really are and people like Carl Paladino, who has openly cheated on his wife, with any pretty girl that would have him his entire marriage, and stashes a love child until she is politically useful that are more of an issue in modern American society than gays and their right to equal rights!

People like Carl Paladino might take a good hard look at his own ability to be a good parent before he passing judgment on how other people should raise their children.  Because thank God, not everyone who proclaims to be a Christian like Carl Paladino rise their children in bigoted, sexist, racist homophobic environments. 

When we are suffering such hatred towards gays and have hate crimes in NY right now, I find Carl Paladino’s views careless, dangerous and devoid of any leadership.  Is this divisiveness and hatred being driven by Sarah Palin’s Tea Party candidates of the Republican Party really what NY voters want for New York State? 

Let’s send a message with a resounding answer in the Mid Terms – Stand Up For Your Rights and Stand up for the Rights of OTHERS! 


via Paladino roxy bar « Search Results «

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Bristol Palin SlamsTina Fey As An “Air-Head”

This video interview suddenly went on some sort of lock-down today. 

I wonder, was it scrubbed too? 

Hmm….well click below friends, I found a copy :)

- Bristol Palin calls Tina Fey an “air head”……. LOL….

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Bristol Palin Calls Tina Fey An Airhead!

Around the 13:40 mark, Bristol Palin talks about Saturday Night Live and how offended she was with Tina Fey’s impersonation of her Mother, Sarah Palin and states, “My Mom, looks like Tina Fey, but my Mom doesn’t talk the way Tina Fey talks” - And, agrees with the reporter, ‘Maybe it’s Tina Fey that’s the airhead instead!”

Now, why didn’t this reporter ask Bristol the most obvious questions of all - when is the baby due?  She isn’t even trying to hide it in plain sight anymore, and just about the 7:15 mark, Bristol tells the reporter, ‘I am going to be talked about anyway, so I might as well come out with my own message,  instead of the gossip and the rumors!”  So Bristol, when is the baby due? 

I have so many questions, now that you are finally, out with it, what exactly will your own message be? How do you feel about the role of birth control for better family planning in the future?  Why are you promoting a message of “do as I say and not as I do” and how does that help young girls?  Why doesn’t your story include the role of other birth control methods available to these girls when they decide to no longer be abstinent? You have clearly shown abstinence STILL doesn’t work because you look to be somewhere between 5 and 6 months pregnant, is that correct?   

And, why are you practicing “parental alienation” of Tripp’s Father in the press?  Is that the kind of message you want to send to the Fathers of babies born to other unwed teen Mothers in our Country?  Just because you do not want Levi to be a Father to his son, doesn’t mean other young girls want to settle scores the same way you and your family do with the Father’s of their children!  Aren’t you at all concerned with the “anti-Father, anti-Family” message you and your family are sending to boys and girls when you practice ongoing “parental alienation” of Levi via the press?   And what about the hypocritical message to girls when you don’t tell them to use birth control, even natural family planning is approved by the church, so why not share this type of information and empower young girls with information meant to protect them?

In watching this interview, you might want to rethink your message and come out with something that is honest at the very least about why you decided to get pregnant with Tripp in the first place!  Then you might actually do some good. 

But, you would have to be willing to send a strong message to all those overly ambitious Mothers and how they put their elder teenage daughters in positions to seek an early teenage pregnancy as a solution to issues in their homes where they do not get enough attention from their working Mothers, and who also have many younger siblings – that someone needs to raise! 

Do you think you are the first teenager to get pregnant to escape her Mother, Bristol?

Talk about a message that would take you out of your comfort zone and require courage!  But, I bet it doesn’t pay as well as Dancing with the Stars, nor does it advance your Mother’s agenda to have you pretend to be her, so Sarah Palin  can do a strip tease for all those rich, old white men via Bristol on Dancing with the Stars!   

And, if I were you I would not say it’s Tina Fey that’s the Airhead and not your Mother!  The hot air in your Mother’s head has become legendary!  Why else do you think people call Sarah Palin an empty vessel floating upon a sea of BS? As a final question Bristol, please share what does a high school drop out that never went to college and had three babies outside of marriage all by the age of 19, in the little town of Wasilla, AK – know about SMART WOMEN in the year 2010?       

WATCH IT NOW: Exclusive Bristol Palin interview by Scott Hennen on Inforum | INFORUM | Fargo, ND.

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No SS for my Parents=Revolution!

excerpt ….. “In a fascinating interview with the National Review, Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller said that in a private conversation with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader expressed openness to the idea of a government shutdown.

“There was a comment made at breakfast this morning about shutting down the government, and he reacted in a positive way,” Miller told the Review’s Robert Costa. “I’m not going to quote him, but I think that he recognizes that that’s on the table.”

This is what is WRONG with the New Right Radical GOP – They want to Shutdown the Government again as a solution to the problems of the Country – because they have NO SOLUTIONS to the PROBLEMS THE REPUBLICANS HAVE CAUSED!

Listen up GOP, you shut down the Federal Government and hold up my parents social security checks or their medicaid payments or student loan payments and I promise you will get that Revolution that you and your Right Radical THUGS have been pushing for on Fox Phony News! 

via Mitch McConnell Open To A Government Shutdown, Joe Miller Says.

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YOU’RE FIRED! Wisconsin GOP Chairman! Slips And Says ‘Obama Should Be Executed’ During Talk About Osama Bin Laden#comment_62975988#comment_62975988



The President of the United States of America deserves the respect of an apology by this Republican!

The Family of the President of the United States deserves the respect of an apology by this Republican!

America Citizens deserve the respect of an apology by this Republican!

Republican Leadership needs to denounce such outrageous conduct that is a direct threat to the President and the National Security of our Country and each and every one of her citizens!  We are a Country at WAR!  We are a Country being further and further divided by a Republican Party that is endangering the very fabric of our nation with actions of such outrageous hate that undermines our safety!

The Chairman of the GOP in WI needs to stand down or be fired! NOW!   

except …. “Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP, referred to the “execution” of Obama three separate times during a recent media conference call.”

Once is a slip – three times is INTENT!


via Wisconsin GOP Chairman Slips And Says ‘Obama Should Be Executed’ During Talk About Osama Bin Laden#comment_62975988#comment_62975988.

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Morning Joe HOLDS BACK PALIN Reporting on Forbes List!

Sarah Palin placed #3 in MEDIA – Not Politics on the Forbes List – bumping Katie Couric into 4th place in the media category!

Interesting finding isn’t it?  

The “woefully unprepared” and wholly ignorant Sarah Palin who wants to be President placed ahead of the extremely well educated, smart and talented Katie Couric.   

Katie would be a far better choice for President than Sarah Palin!   

Why doesn’t Morning Joe talk about the details of that Forbes listing, Willie?  

The media builds their own – don’t they! And, they have certainly built a media star in Sarah Palin! It’s sort of funny watching them all start to freak out now because while they have held back on disclosing “who” this Un-American woman really is, to the decrement of the American People, she is now threatening to run for President and as much as they are trying to TALK HER DOWN, she isn’t budging!  Even funnier is that they think she would listen to ANYONE because the only voice that matters to Sarah is God’s!  

I once worked for a CEO who told me, “Never take your eye off the meatball, because when you do, you lose everyime!”

God is the meatball in the Sarah Palin story!  But, we don’t talk about that now, do we?         

Sarah Palin would be the first Reality TV President, wholly owned and produced by Fox News and the Lame Stream Media that built her!  Our major accomplishments of the 20th Century are all being attacked by the Radical Right that just had a “Civil War” in the Republcian Party, and we can thank the complicit American Media that has endangered Women’s Rights, Civil Rights and Equal Rights by pandering to 28% of the Country for PROFITS in the United States of Corporations! 

We can always trust the Lame Stream Media to follow the noise while they are taking their eyes off all the meatballs and all that that implies in their lack of news reporting in most of their lame stream coverage!

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Morning Joe gets it WRONG in NY!

NY women will rise up and unite to vote NO to ANY MAN or WOMAN that wants to CONTROL OUR RIGHTS in this State!  

NY women will vote NO to Carl Paladino for the sole reason he does not SUPPORT Women’s Rights! 

He does not support Women’s right to choice under current Federal law!

The Tea Party advocates for a REPEAL OF OUR RIGHTS! 

It’s the Tea Bagger types who bomb abortion clinics instead of supporting a Women’s Right to Choice. It’s the Tea Baggers types that have murdered abortion providers in their homes and in their churches, instead of supporting Federal Law and our Rights to Choice! 

Mr. Paladino hails from a City within the State of NY that has had their abortion clinics under seige on this issue and the City had an abortion doctor murdered in his home in front of his wife and his children!  New York women will never forget how the radical right invaded and threats of violence to our CITY and women in general  in an effort to stop abortions regardless of our Federall Law Protections regarding our PRIVACY and CHOICES and that  is what Carl Paladino Stands for!   

Women know these Tea baggers will continue to unlawfully assault our Rights to Choice and putting any Tea Bagger in office only puts them closer to helping enact State Laws that will restrict Women’s Rights!  

Women’s Rights are under siege from the Far Radical Right CULT that took down the GOP and so are Equal Rights and Civil Rights  – it’s been their big picture narrative during the entire race – there has been a steady mantra to stripe rights and federal protections!  

Do you really think REAL FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS have not noticed what the Tea Party really stand for – because we have taken notice and we will not back “backasswards” and we will NOT STAND FOR BLOCKING OF FEDERAL LAWS THAT PROTECT OUR RIGHTS!  

Does Morning Joe really think NY Women will not protect their Rights in the midterms with their votes!  We know we need reform in NY State – But, not at the expense of ALL NY WOMEN and not at the expense of the POOR!

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