Todd Palin, First Dude? Try First AIP Thug!

dar to dare comments:
“Todd Palin registered as a member of the Alaskan Independence Party in 1995. In 2006, members of the AIP collected the one hundred signatures needed to place on the fall ballot an initiative calling for Alaska to secede from the union or, if that was found not to be legally possible, directing the state to work to make secession legal. However, in the case of Kohlhaas v. State, the Supreme Court ruled any attempt at secession to be unconstitutional and the initiative was not approved to appear on the fall ballot.

Vogler’s running mate in 1986 was Al Rowe, a Fairbanks resident and former Alaska State Trooper. Rowe took out a series of newspaper ads, fashioning himself in the image of Sheriff Buford Pusser. These ads were a major attention getter during the race. Between Rowe’s ads and the turmoil existing in the Republican Party over the nomination of Arliss Sturgulewski, the AIP gained 5.2 percent of the vote, becoming a recognized party in Alaska.

In Alaska, a former Republican, won the election for governor as a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, (Hence the arrival of a new national group out of Alaska called the tea baggers). The AIP emerged as one of the most significant state-level third parties operating in the late 20th century. Do your homework folks. The American Independent Party has taken root in the lower 48.

The tea baggers essentially are AIP folks, not for America, but pretending to be Americans.”

I have long thought Sarah Palin was a plant for the AIP, from the very beginning starting with the City Council!  The media has been complicit in endangering the country while they have been building a media star!  Palin is total puppet for the far radical right in this country!  WAKE UP  AK, I beg the people of AK to go out and get their book deals – get as rich as you can telling us REAL AMERICANS who this FAMILY really is!  Something to think about – there is power in numbers – ban together and tell your stories!    
Todd and Sarah Palin are as Anti-American as they come and the GOP and the Republican Party have fallen prey to an AIP Plant! 
Why is the GOP and the Media Complict in building a brand that is so danergous for America and what and who is the money behind the Radical Right Fringe that is taking Down the GOP as we know it in America?    
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  1. aview999 says:

    Thanks Pink One! You’re so right of course! I posted to HP on the Joe thread.


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