Sarah Palin: America’s 1st Reality TV President?

Tickle me pink because Sarah Palin has finally given an interview to “the press”, other than Fox that is – she was on Entertainment tonight with Mary Hart 2 x’s now - how funny!  Yes, in America Fox is considered “the press”,  just like Entertainment Tonight!        

So, are you all looking forward to a Palin Presidency?  

Excerpt … “It seems only a matter of time until we elect our first Reality TV President. We have been seduced by reality TV faces. We adore and idolize them. The so-called “tipping point” is coming. Over the last ten years we have had a parade of reality TV names that have captured our imagination and attention in ways that are hard to describe. Today it is Snooki. Paris Hilton had her moment, famous for her existence rather than substance. Omarosa was famous on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. Famous for being tough and mean…I think. Jon & Kate Plus 8 were famous for being a family. Many faces have graced the TV cameras and captured our attention for reasons we can’t explain.”

via Barry Levinson: A Reality TV President: Only a Matter of Time.

To cite John Dewey:

‘Talk of democracy has little content when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, the press and other means of publicity, propaganda and communication’

Thank you all so very much for your participation in my Midterm Election Special Project on 

Social Media and Information Technology and how it can be just as addictive as the TV.  

I got an A++ when I submitted it on-line for an IT course at the the University today!

I thank you all so much for your participation on my blog!

And, I wish you all love and peace.  




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5 Responses to Sarah Palin: America’s 1st Reality TV President?

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  2. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    Pink, where have you been? I’ve perused the other left leaning sites and frankly they don’t quite rile me up like yours does. Olbermann, Maddow, Kos, et al, they just don’t cut it.

  3. PinkOne says:

    Welcome back to The Pink Zone “my crazy one”
    PinkOne had a Pink tummy to match her fuzzy pink handcuffs
    Is this your way of saying you are ready for a Reality
    TV President or are you tying to get into my
    “fuzzy pink handcuffs”, also too?

  4. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    I’m afraid of handcuffs, regardless of that they are made of. Bring on the TV Reality president, can you imagine the ratings? Probably rival American Idol, even with Steven Tyler.

  5. PinkOne says:

    The Pink Zone was perfect for the crazies
    Who have lost their way in the United States
    of Corporations these days- far away sands await
    my friends and it’s a big wide world with so much to
    see and do with my family and friends and by the time
    these ratings are won you will be begging for your own
    very special pair of my – Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs.
    P1 out!

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