Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Death Spiral – DROP BABE DROP!

Heads Up Democrats – Sarah “Death Panel” Palin and the Tea Party Posse who have Gone Rogue on Our American Freedoms are in ”The Pink Zone” now hitting a Tipping Point effecting their DOWNWARD SPIRAL – WISE WARRIORS SIEZE ON MOMENTS MADE OF THESE - SWEEP NOW FOR THE SWEET DEMOCRATIC GLORY of OUR DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLIC!

Tom Tancredo, Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul, Ken Buck, Carl Paladino and Sarah Palin’s entire Tea Party and their ANGRY MOB are coming for OUR RIGHTS!

  • No Freedom of the Press
  • No Freedom of Speech unless it’s Tea Party Speech
  • No Freedom of Expression
  • No Civil Rights
  • No Women’s Rights
  • No Equal Rights or Protections under the Law, unless you a Tea Party member!

Put it on a loop and tell it babe tell it - play it babe play it -  Until WE WIN in the MID TERM  Elections!

Stand up for your RIGHTS with YOUR VOTE!

Stand Up for the Rights of Others with YOUR VOTE!

VOTE DEMOCRAT for Democracy and REAL American Freedoms! 

To cite John Dewey:

‘Talk of democracy has little content when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, the press and other means of publicity, propaganda and communication’.

Forget-me-not of Love and Hope

The Symbol of the Forget-Me-Not Flower
The Use of a Small, Blue Flower as a Sign

A legend about the origin of the name forget-me-not is as follows. Once a medieval knight and his lady-love were walking beside a river. The knight held a bouquet in his hands. Because of the weight of the armor, he fell into the water. According to the legend, he threw the bouquet at her shouting forget-me-not.

There is a Christian religious legend according to which the child Jesus Christ created forget-me-nots so that the generations to come would be able to see him and his mother Mary, on whose lap he was sitting.

U + Me = BFF!—democra_b_775174.html#comments

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14 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Death Spiral – DROP BABE DROP!

  1. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:
  2. FellowFreedomFighter says:

    PINK ONE – YOU ROCK! Would you be interesting in working for me? Please email me back for the chance of a lifetime!

    PS: Are you married?

  3. Tracy A Lund says:

    Fear_The_Left_Crazies , you actually think this is a bad thing for liberals? It shows that we are genetically superior you silly creature. Evolution at its finest!

  4. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    Umm yeah Tracy if the hysteria you and the likes of Pink exhibit from incessantly being duped by the news media is an indication of superior genetics, well then we’re all screwed.

  5. PinkOne says:

    A Philosopher’s Faith
    Inspired by John Dewey

    My person returns to unwind all its threads,
    Woven by language into the habits of heads;
    An old wearied head must bow down one final eve,
    But my lively thought shines in cloth I helped to weave.

    Your gift by my leave is but some seeds yet to grow,
    Whose value was found in times of need long ago;
    Sow all of these seeds in our vast garden with care,
    Protect and defend the greater harvest to share.

    To view such swift change, see truths melt under new suns,
    To watch how scared souls kept on refining their guns;
    My nation was home despite such strife with no cease,
    My freedom was here while humbly searching for peace.

    By trial did I live, by more trial find my thought’s worth,
    My death you will get if you conceive no new birth;
    No life without doubt, for the best fail now and then,
    No rest for my faith, that each new day tests again.

    –John Shook

  6. PinkOne says:

    @ Tracy, i think he’s starting to get it :)

  7. Igillooly says:

    If the press would do their job and focus on the REAL story these clowns would be gone.
    Right wing talk radio haters, Fox, and bloggers like Breitbart should be exposed by REAL journalists for what they are. Corporate prostitutes that have sold their souls for power, money and ego is there number one job. These snakes took over the microphone after the Fairness Doctrine was repealed and the Telecom Act allowed a handful of corporations to own 95 percent of our airwaves. Con men like Rush and Beck use patriotic, populist, religious rhetoric and baseless conspiracy theories while ALWAYS protecting their corporate pimps. Since they do not have to give time for opposing opinions and truth is optional they essentially debate themselves. Then these staions all over the country play local like minded hosts to repeat their message.
    If we had an honest, effective press THIS would be the number one story, Instead we invite these slimeballs to have a seat at the table. Welcome to the United Corporations of America brought to you by talk radio and Fox Orwellian propaganda.

  8. PinkOne says:

    You’re in the Pink Zone on this topic now, I could not agree more!

    Excerpt…. “The media have a double relation to democracy. On the one hand,
    The emergence of a global information society is a powerful democratizing
    force. Yet, television, and the other media, tend to destroy the very public
    space of dialogue they open up, through relentless trivializing, and
    personalizing of political issues. Moreover, the growth of giant
    multinational media corporations means that unelected business tycoons
    can hold enormous power.” (Giddens 1999: np)

    Today’s media corporations bring a whole new level of awareness to the meaning of the collective “parceling out of the soul” of America!

    But, the working poor and the middle class will not give up our QUEST or our hope or our faith or our love for the “Collective American Masses” who had the power all along and now will EMPOWER a “Main Street Press” to serve on behalf of, “We, the people!”

    Tell it babe tell it!

  9. PinkOne says:

    @marci, for someone who purports to “protect her cubs”, mrs. palin sure has a strange way of showing it whenever that need for protection conflicts with Mrs. Palin’s need for some press – anyone that refuses to dispel rumors about their daughters, is a louse of a Mother! If Mrs. Palin had any “good sense”, she would be go home and be a better Mother to that brood she bore!

    The last time I checked, “Dancing with the Star”, had the very RACIST Bristol Palin looking to be about 5.5 months pregnant, but, I guess ABC with rather DEMEAN our PRESIDENT and “We, the people” watching while working oh so hard to hide Bristol Palin’s lastest BABY under the smoke screen of a -

    Hear that ABC – How does it feel to be called out for promoting teen pregnancy and teen sex by a stripping Bristol Palin while “Dancing with the Stars” on your VERY RACIST “media owned and controlled” – TV Network?

    The collective parceling out of America’s soul via the TV can only be perpetuted because of the LACK OF INTEGRITY in many of our Media Networks!

    ABC you are on notice as to being in “The Pink Zone”, now! So, plan to hear a lot more from the likes of my HOT PINK INK!

  10. Tracy A Lund says:


    you poor, poor thing…T

  11. PinkOne says:

    To the Pink Zone, Friends!

  12. PinkOne says:


    Can’t you tell PinkOne already has the best job in the world? But thank you so much anyway! I do have some unemployed freinds, that I would love to send your way, please?

    But, I am single ….. lol….lol….lol…..!

  13. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    I have to thank you people for letting me see the light, tomorrow I vote Democrat across the board. I’m convinced they are best able to destroy this once great nation faster than the Republicans and the sooner we hit bottom the sooner we can rebuild.

  14. PinkOne says:

    P1 looks so very forward to reaching across the aisle
    as I humbly bow my head and hand you a “forget-me-not”
    and say, “THANK YOU, with my whole heart and a great-big-SMILE!
    And, bye the time I am done with YOU, you will never want to be without
    your very own and special pair of my “Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs” –
    Just to keep ‘em HONEST! Hats off to ALL OF YOU

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