Sarah Palin’s Alaska SLAMS American Democracy!

So Sarah Palin’s Alaska is now Communist Alaska?

It must be when one the 1st and 4th amendments are completely OVERLOOKED by the local police department for the Radical Right Tea-Republican Party in Sarah Palin’s Alaska!  

This American Citizen wants to know exactly when and at what time – will Joe Miller’s private militia guards who were dressed up like Secret Service agents with skin head haircuts going to be arrested for unlawful detention of an American Citizen – An American journalist in the course of his job on behalf of “We, the People?

If the people that arrested the Journalist are NOT arrested, it means our democracy was just slayed in Sarah Palin’s new Communist Alaska and the United States of America no longer has FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!  

So does that mean FOX NEWS Journalists are going to be arrested or are they being given a FREE PRESS PASS for asking pre-approved questions by the Tea Party Express?

When will other Journalists be rounded up?  And, by whom?  Better watch out Katie Couric, you’re one that started this after all when you had the gull yes the gull Katie - to ask Sarah Palin what she reads!  How dare you Katie, see what you started by asking such a deeply personal and out of bounds question that lacked all decency and respect!

How will the Main Stream Media handle this because this is the most outragous thing that could happen in during ANY ELECTION in our country – EVER- and it’s the YEAR 2010! 

If this isn’t the Waterloo for what Sarah Palin’s “Right Radical Republican Tea Party” stands for – then what will be the Tipping Point folks?   

To cite John Dewey:

‘Talk of democracy has little content when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, the press and other means of publicity, propaganda and communication’

When you take a Stand for NPR – You take a Stand for the very essence of American Freedom!

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14 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Alaska SLAMS American Democracy!

  1. Sarge1 says:

    Ain’t No Party Like a Nazi Tea Party Cause a Nazi Tea Party Don’t Stop”

    The Nazi Party believed they were representing the superior Aryan race, a race that was threatened by the existence of the Jews. The Nazi’s overthrew their government, an action they felt justified in doing because they believed they could run things better. They overthrew their government by organizing a bunch of book burnings and by rounding up of millions of innocent civilians that held religious or political views or sexual orientations different from theirs. Once they rounded these people up…well… you know the rest.



  2. quindy says:

    “Miller cites Communist East Germany as effective in dealing with border security

    Published: October 18th, 2010 12:02 PM
    Last Modified: October 18th, 2010 12:03 PM

    The scuffle between the editor of Alaska Dispatch and Joe Miller’s security guards at a public forum in Anchorage late Sunday is getting much national attention today. Getting lesser but growing attention is Miller’s answer at the forum to a question from the audience about how he would deal with illegal immigration. Anchorage blogger Steve Aufrecht was there and is among those today who are criticizing Miller’s response that Communist East Germany is a good example of a nation achieving border security. He quotes Miller as saying: “The first thing that has to be done is secure the border. … East Germany was very, very able to reduce the flow.

    Read more: http://www­­­­­m­/­2­010/­10­/1­8/­1­507­198­/m­i­ll­er-c­­ites­­-com­m­unis­t­-­eas­t-g­er­m­any­.h­t­ml#i­xz­z­­12keZ9k­A­­

  3. sarge1 says:

    I’ve had this creeping sense that what we we’re experiencing has happened before. Somewhere else. Not that long ago. And if what I suspect is true, we should be very worried about what’s coming down the road.

    Follow me back to 1918 for a second. After WWI the Kaiser stepped down, the Weimer Republic came into power, and Germany was a democracy. Many Germans didn’t like the change in government and joined the German Workers Party (DAP) to express their frustrations. A former failed artist, Adolf Hitler, was sent to spy on the DAP by the government but soon came to sympathize. Hitler wasn’t the quiet type. When the mood struck him, he spoke, and being somewhat charismatic, people listened. He quickly rose to the top and replaced the party’s leader Anton Drexler. The DAP became the National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP) and was more commonly known as the Nazi Party. Primarily white-collar workers who rallied the middle-class with propaganda funded this far-right movement. The media energized Germans with anger and fear.



  4. girl4progress says:

    I hope it doesn’t just become another footnote to this crazy
    campaign season. One of my most horrifying observations of the
    tea bagger’s tactics has been their attempt to demonize the
    press, starting, of course with Palin. Angle physically
    running away from reporters, Brewer ignoring reporters after
    her only debate, Paul declaring the press is attacking him,
    Palodino threatening to “take out” a reporter, Palin telling
    O’Donnell to “come to Fox.”, and now this Joe Miller thing. It
    has to be the tipping point.. They (Palin & her flying monkeys)
    have been trying to make avoiding the press (aside from the
    propaganda machine Fox) the new normal. And gradually, it has
    been become more and more common, and each example is forgotten
    in favor of the next shiny object. If this Miller debacle is
    forgotten by next week, we are doomed. Palin will have
    effectively set the format for her to not only win the
    nomination, but possibly win. If it becomes acceptable to
    answer only to party-friendly news organizations (who will
    willingly do your bidding and help fund raise) than our
    democracy is finished. Fox has all but dropped the “fair and
    balanced” logo. They are boldly partisan, boldly propaganda.
    They don’t apologize for donating multi-millions to republicans
    only, have four of five Presidential hopefuls in their employ,
    and even a “Democratic” counterpoint commentator is spotted
    supporting tea baggers at rallies. The slope has become
    increasingly more slippery, and the angle is at a crazy degree.”

  5. professorduh says:

    once visited an executive of one of the biggest newspaper companies in Germany. Their soaring skyscraper HQ overlooked rubble. I told him I found that odd. He said that down there was what had been the Fleet Street of Berlin, before Hitler. His company wanted to rebuild right there, as a constant reminder of what can happen when the press doesn’t do its job and lets fascist propaganda rule the day. What he said haunts me just about every day now.

  6. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    Oh my, all this Nazi talk, you people are nothing but racists!

  7. Sarah says:

    So criticizing Hitler now equals racism? Discussing history – and similarities between events of the past and today – doesn’t make someone a racist. “Elitist” intellectual, eh, maybe so, in some people’s view. Racist, definitely not.

    Actually it’s *fear* that makes people hate or dislike others they don’t know personally. Who would believe for one second that racism comes simply from a sense of innate superiority and a justified dislike for “inferior races.” It comes from a misguided sense that the so-called “inferior races” are “stealing” “your” country from you (ex: welfare queens! affirmative action! They’re in the White House) or threatening you in some way (ex: He’s going to raise your taxes! He’ a socialist, fascist, communist, dictator! He’s secretly a Kenyan, anti-imperial nationalist who means America no good. They’re dangerous thugs and they want our women. They’re not as smart or attractive or good as we are and they’re going to take over unless we keep them in their place – for their own good.) Nonsense.

    In case you were wondering, “He” above refers to President Obama. I notice that conservatives with strong feelings against the president have a hard time bringing themselves to use his title and/or name. Referring to the president as “he” and “him” without first identifying the subject – is WEIRD, people. It’s like an unspoken rule on FoxNews: DON’T say his name or it might be bad luck, right? – or at the least people might mistake you for a person who respects the president.

    Well, I have news for you, tea party. President Obama deserves your respect. He is a good American, a public servant and a husband & father, who is doing the best he can for an American populace that has been neglected and thrown to the corporate wolves for three decades. Contrary to popular belief, OBAMA HAS NOT RAISED YOUR TAXES AND DOESN’T PLAN TO. The government is not coming knocking on your door to take away your guns & freedom of religion, give your children birth control without your knowledge, use eminent domain to steal your house, and force you to have abortions. Christmas will be held as scheduled for the foreseeable future.

    Sane up, people.

  8. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    I believe Nazism = racism has been the battle cry of the left whenever anyone questions policies of their messiah in the white house. And if the government isn’t going to take our money or our guns well then why the hysteria over the possibility of a government seizing of your uterus? The hypocrisy here is astounding.

  9. PinkOne says:

    Anyone who understand what happened in the German govt between 1930 and 1933 is very concerned about racism in the united states against anyone that is not white, Christian and heterosexual. And, that includes those of us who are white, Christian and heterosexual – at least the SANE ones who are paying attention!

    Any seeing you have no concern for entire classes of people, someone like you would not understand or even care about women rights and the how the conservative movement in the united states, because they fail to accept the Supreme Court Ruling on Roe Vs Wade, we have had to endure the bombing of abortion clinics and the murdering of doctors who provide them to women and these doctors where murdered in their homes and churches in front of family and friends.

    The Tea Parties jump for their wealthy puppet masters instead of thinking for themselves and they always do exactly as they are instructed by falling prey to fake, phony news shows and political celebrities who has made them SCARED TO DEATH of the President and of losing their guns and money!

    So their answer is to go completely all out CRAZY or haven’t you noticed who they are running for national office! Thank you Sarah Palin – now why don’t you do something useful and go save the Republican Party from the Civil War that Mr. and Mrs. Palin just launched against the estabishment! It will only take you about ten years to rebuild, if you start now! And, don’t feel special that I am giving you FREE advise, because that is what I tell my Republicans friends, with a great big smile when I say it!

    Thanks for playing in the Pink Zone and allowing me to highlight all of your Nutty BS in HOT PINK INK!

  10. PinkOne says:

    SANE UP! Love it and your excellent post!

    Thank you, Sarah!

  11. Fear_The_Left_Crazies says:

    My nutty BS? Have you ever proof read the bizzare rants you post? Un hinged and unfounded is what comes to mind when I read your BS. Where exactly in my posts did you determined I have “no concern for entire classes of people”? And this insane fixation you have with Roe V Wade and murdered doctors. Exactly eight people, four of them doctors, and of that one was murdered in his home and one at church. Eight people in nearly 40 years of Roe v Wade. Eight! Not quite the conservative movement fuelled genocide you like to protray. Eight children in the US will die to today from gunfire, 20,000 will die today, world wide, due to hunger. But lets all obsess over a moron from Alaska and those dirty Tea Partiers. And I’m the one with nutty BS. Classic.

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  13. PinkOne says:

    funny – you don’t consider the assault on the rights of women to be a “whole class of people” – and you think only 8 people who lives where taken by radical right zealots who can’t accept “federal law” is worth glossing “right” over – because their were only 8 in 40 years who lost their lives! And, I guess we can gloss right over the families and friends who lives were completely obliterated, too when those 8 lives were taken! PinkOne has had personal experiences on more than one occassion with these very “nutty” people who desended upon her hometown and will never let people like “NUTTY U” forget when you try to trivalize their deaths!

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