Sarah Palin Bashes First Lady Michelle Obama in CA

Even though our First Lady, Michelle Obama has dedicated herself to American Military families across the country, even though she has dedicated herself to fighting childhood obesity across our country, even thought she has the ability to bring people together regardless of party, even though she has shown herself to be a dedicated Mother, Wife and First Lady – and even though our First Lady is not running for office, none of this stops Sarah Palin while stumping in CA yesterday from bashing and questioning our beloved First Lady for something she said back in 2008, about being proud to be an American for the first time in her adult life.  Even the Republicans who heard Mrs. Palin bash our First Lady booed at Mrs. Palin last night!   

Why does Sarah Palin need to reach back to 2008 and take a shot at America’s First Lady – who is not running for any office in the state of CA and happens to be at the TOP of the of Forbes most Powerful Women’s list; where Mrs. Palin could not even finish in the Top 10 herself?

When Mrs. Palin is married to the very UN-American Todd Palin, who has never shown he is proud to be an American because he has spent his entire adult life sitting in Alaska Independence Party meetings, listening to home-grown Un-American terrorist sentiment that is so filled with hatred and disgust for all things American that he and the AIP want to leave the union of the United States of America and take the state of AK with them because of their hatred for “We, the American People!”  

Does Todd Palin sound like an American to be proud of Mrs. Palin?  Mr. Palin has never had a “Proud to be An American” bone in body when he can be part of such UnAmerican hatred against our great country!  Talk about someone who pals around with Terrorists – Mrs. Palin actually married one!  

Why does the lame stream media allow our First Lady to be so unfairly bashed by the wife of one of the most Un-American men on the national political stage, while the same lame stream media protects Mrs. Palin’s UN American husband? 

I think the American People deserve to know the truth about Mrs. Palin and her husband’s lack of LOVE and PRIDE FOR AMERICA!  Could that be why Mr. and Mrs. Palin waged a Civil War inside the GOP – Because they were never really Republicans to being with?

People who live in Un-American “Hockey-Glass” houses Mrs. Palin should NOT throw ROCKS at our beloved, very proud to be an American First Lady Michelle Obama, because her actions have spoken louder in the last two years then any empty vessel- floating upon a sea of BS shrill that flows like hot steaming-stinky air from your siren talking head!  

To cite John Dewey:

‘Talk of democracy has little content when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, the press and other means of publicity, propaganda and communication’


Michelle Obama tops power list – KARIN TANABE | POLITICO

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40 Responses to Sarah Palin Bashes First Lady Michelle Obama in CA

  1. janetscarbrough says:

    This may finally be the comment thats takes the Wicked Witch of the North down.
    I don’t think the mainstream media will give her a pass on bashing Mrs. Obama.
    Sarah Palin and her little dog Todd are as unAmerican as it gets.

  2. PinkOne says:

    Thank you very much Janet!

  3. Anne says:

    Okay, I love our First Family and especially the FLOTUS. When I stop and compare the Obama family to the Palin family, well, there is NO comparison. The Obamas are everything that wretch always claims the Palins are. I am proud to have them in the White House and would die of shame to have the Palins there representing America. God I hate John McCain for unleashing this evil succubus on the American public. Leave our FLOTUS alone evil, evil woman. And I love your blog BTW.

  4. Ralph McCormick says:

    Sara is trying to styand up for America and the right to work in America against demonic forces

  5. PinkOne says:

    Thank you Anne, very much!

  6. NJfan says:

    OMG! This witch needs to be smacked down hard. It’s not enough for her to bash the President, now she’s focusing on the First Lady, who is next? President Obama’s daughters and mother-in-law? This is getting way out of hand and yes more attention should be placed on Toad for his association with the AIP.

  7. Anette says:

    Wow! What kind of nastiness do you have to have in your heart to bash the First Lady.
    Michelle Obama is brilliant, tireless, classy and kind. Whereas, Ms. Palin is moronic, lazy, tacky and vicious. Boy did we dodge a bullet keeping that yappety nightmare out of D.C.

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  9. l. giersch says:

    Sarah’s comments are valid and right on.

  10. barbara says:

    sarah palin has no class she needs to take lessons from our beautiful first lady!!

  11. Ann says:

    Give me a break! Sarah Palin has done more for this country than Barak and Michelle combined! She is a great American who has served her town and state well (before the media and Democrats tried to destroy her.) They should be ashamed of themselves. What American woman in their right mind would want to run for government offices after what they tried to do to Sarah. I’m proud of Sarah and what she stands for – America, and so glad that she doesn’t let them get to her. YOU should all be ashamed. Sarah Palin has been bashed more than any American woman I know, including that nut, Nancy Pelosi. Good for her if she gives it back!

  12. Army Vet says:

    @ Barbara: So Sarah needs to take lessons from someone who says .. “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country” What kind message does that send to the soldiers/marines serving over in Iraq/Afganistan when they see that coming out of the first lady’s mouth? Seriously, where was her brain when addressing that speech? Where was the intelligence there? I dont know about first lady and I dont know if she is still proud of this country but as an Iraq Veteran I have always and will always be proud of this country no matter what!

  13. Anne says:

    There is no rebuttal on Palin’s behalf on the previous post regarding plagiarism. Why is that?

  14. B. says:

    Obviously Palin has never been “Black” in America, so what could she understand about the comment the FLOTUS made back then?

  15. Linda says:

    ah — we’ve all witnessed this before — in junior high. this is the level that SP is stuck at w/ all her mean girl remarks etc. she’s just jealous because Michelle is all of the following:
    smarter than her
    more popular than her
    prettier than her
    more powerful than her
    classier than her
    i could add many more categories if i felt like writing all night.

    stuff it sarah!

  16. MicMac says:

    I support our President and our First Lady, in fact I admire them greatly. However, it was a poor choice of words, let’s face it – able to be interpreted very negatively if one wishes to. But I didn’t take it that way. I thought it expressed a uniquely African American POV which, let’s also fact that fact, comes from a different experience from growing up in America as a white person. Are you African American, Army Vet? Or Hispanic? Or Native American? Or Jewish? Trust me, I don’t romanticize the ethnic experience in this country to the point where everything can be blamed on it. Far from it. But I do think it makes a difference, still, what your skin color or religion is in this country, even after strenuous efforts on the part of our government, ourselves and our communities to mitigate its impact.
    As a white person, I also felt Michelle spoke for me, as so many of us in this country, regardless of color, were actually thrilled that we had come to a point in our history where we elected a President of such a background, considering all we have gone through, as Americans, over the last 300 years. Yes, there was an extra thrill of pride, one we had not experienced before. It shed a better light on all Americans, even those who disagree with Obama or did not vote for him, moving us forward.

    Thanks for your service, Army Vet. Very much appreciated.

  17. letmetry says:

    I want to respond to what I read is the major point of your article. Yes, IMO if any candidate’s spouse has been a member of a group that seeks to seceede from the United States of America that is pertinent information about a VP spouse. Todd Plain belonged to the AIP, not as an independent i.e. not Republican nor a declared Democrat. The group he belonged to holds a goal that AK seperate from the USA.

    Common sense (lol) would dictate that a candidate for VP, or a person who quits their elected office aspiring to become POTUS would not sling mud at others labeling them unamerican and be more concerned her spouse was actively involved to not be a US citizen. Sarah Palin evidently re;oies she casn spin this as Todd having checked the wrong box for eight years and or spin he is neither a Republican or Democrat. Truthful fact remains he chose a party seeking to not be part of the USA.

  18. Jeftex says:

    Yo, Dudes, SHe is the 1st lady. She eats lobster while the regular people in the Hood eats McDonalds. Hey she takes trips and spreads money overseas instead of here. She said what she said back in 08. SHe owns it. Hey they still talk about Bush, He ain’t running for nothing. Get over it pink ko. It is politics.

  19. Nancy says:

    I don’t have a problem with Sarah “giving it back” to those who bash her, but, Michelle? C’mon. Mother and wife, Michelle? Sarah is out of line and just making even more people despise her. My vote was for McCain before he chose Sarah as his running mate. If she is selected to be the Republican nominee, it will be another four years of Obama. She is nothing but mean and hateful. I wish she would surprise us all and do or say something, anything intelligent.

  20. Peacebestill says:

    I am a black female, over 60, raised in the jim crow south in the 50′s and 60′s. I’ve experienced this country during some of it’s worst times, short of slavery. It’s becoming more and more difficult to be proud of this country when mean, petty, ignorant, divisve, immature people like Sara Palin are not only given a microphone and platform, but are also paid to spew the vicious crap that flows out of her mouth on a regular basis. She makes a living off of hating the President and shows no respect for anyone or anything. John McCain, you owe us all a big apology. And for those who support her and her mean-spirited rhetoric, shame on you.

  21. Shaw Kenawe says:

    What a great post. Well said. Palin has no class. She can’t rise above a junior high school mean-girls mentality. She doesn’t even know she’s not qualified to be anything more than a talk show blabber, yet people think she could be president?

    With your permission, I would like to cross-post what you have written and put it up on my blog with, of course, attribution and a link to your blog.

    You said it much better than I could. I’d have flipped out on this. I’m just about ready to give up on these people and their consuming hatred of our president and his wife.

  22. susan says:

    @army vet…. unless you are black, you would not even begin to understand what that statement meant…. She was not dissing the United States, what she was saying was, she was proud of the way the people of the United States went beyond racism and voted a black man into office… That which no one thought was possible.

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  24. dave says:

    Correction for the ignorant. The AIP does not advocate for separation or independence from the United States. See their platform at

  25. dave says:

    Interesting that many on this site criticize Sarah Palin for referencing comments made by Michelle Obama just two years ago, but you reference comments made decades ago by a member of AIP. Whose comments are not congruous with the AIP platform. (Check their platform. It is very plainly supportive of the U.S. constitution.) It is also interesting that your other reference is an opinion from a source which is clearly hostile to the AIP and not directly from the published platform of the AIP.

  26. Peacebestill says:

    Pardon the typos in my previous post – divisive; Sarah (I at least respect her enough to spell her name correctly).

    Shaw K…, not sure if your post was directed at me or the arthor of the article. If it’s me, then by all means go for it.

  27. maria says:

    This shows just how much of an idiot Sarah Palin really is and she is the darling of the GOP and the tea baggers. What has the country turned into? Nothing that I am proud of.

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  29. dave says:

    I am an independent voter, not GOP, Tea Party , Democrat, or AIP, for that matter. In fact I had never even heard of the AIP until yesterday. I do not and would not support Palin in any bid for the Presidency. I do, however, find it amusing and hypocritical that so many of you are complaining about Palin, the GOP and Tea Party supporters. Calling them divisive, mean spirited, “wicked witch”, ” Toad the little dog”, ” terrorists”, “Evil Succubus”, “moronic, lazy, tacky. vicious, yapitty , nightmare, “junior high school mean girl”. racist. I could continue indefinitely, but I think that it should be abundantly clear to anyone who bothers to look at these things ,that there are plenty of name callers and on either side of the aisle. Anyone who really loves America will work to get beyond their hatred and anger and will work to know the issues, then act accordingly. Not in the destructive fashion that seems to becoming so common with many people today.

  30. ConcernedAmerica says:

    @Dave – Explain this tape – This is what the palins believe in! Palins, ain’t proud to be Americans – never have been- they are proud to be Alaskans, first and always! Right after God that is.

    Don;t you know Mrs Palin thinks God wants Sarah to be President, to lead all those non-believers, including all the jewish people to Alaska, because Sarah thinks she is the “chosen Queen, – The “North Star” to bring all the nonbelieves to AK, the “Northern chosen land”, so she can then start her end of days holy war. Get it now! It’s not about America – It’s about God! That’s who Sarah Palin answers too and everyone and everything else are only tools to be used in the name of God and Country! Sarah thinks America is lost in the wilderness and needs to be ruled according the the Bible and according to the 10 Commandments of God. Mrs Palin is a radical AIP right zealot! Nothing about Sarah Palin is American – NOTHING!
    and go to
    http://www.palingates. com and learn about her radical christian church

  31. Your blog is very interesting. I am loving all of the information you are sharing with everyone!

  32. PinkOne says:

    Hi Shaw, I would love you to cross post wiht me – great idea! Thank you! We can never give up! That’s for people who are QUITTERS! And we know Progressive Americans don’t QUIT!

  33. PinkOne says:

    Thank you for your post Army Vet and your service to our Country!

    As the great-great grand daughter of Col. Michael Wiedrich (1820-1899), a commanding officer during the Civil War, and as the sister of an officer in the United States Air Force who has served two tours in Iraq and as the sister in law of a retired US Marine, who served in the first Gulf War, I have always felt a deep sense of pride for my family, as well as all American men and women in our Military and I am very grateful for their sacrifice to their families and for their dedication and brave and courageous service in the name of American Freedom and Democracy!

    Thank you Army Vet, for your service! You have all fought so that we can remain free and I will always be grateful to you and all of our American Service men and women and their families.

    I believe Mrs. Obama was expressing, exactly what I felt the night Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

    I felt a deep sense of pride in a way I had never felt before towards my country, because for the first time collectively as a nation I thought we had moved beyond race, because in that moment it “felt” we had collectively made a choice to elect a man based on the content of his character, his background as an educated, measured and serious person who understood the challenges we had ahead of us and he offered the best solutions to the problems we faced and we had collectively looked beyond race being an issue in American society and our modern American culture.

    That feeling and sense of pride swelled up inside me and made me feel in that moment that anything was possible – that anything for anyone was possible and my heart overflowed with the strongest sense of pride for all of us – the country over, we were collectively standing as One Nation and my God we were indivisible as A People!

    I thought the election of President Obama sent a message of how far as a nation we had come, and I felt so very proud and filled with joy for our country in a way I had never felt before – it was pure amazing grace to me! It’s was what my great, great grandfather fought for during the Civil War and it’s was what my Mother cried for when Martin Luther King was taken from us!

    As a child, my Mother wanted me to know how lucky I was to be born a white American girl in 1961 because life in America was not so easy for anyone that was not a white man she told me! And, I remember the marching and fighting going on all around me for the rights and freedoms she told me I was going to have as an adult woman one day because this was a fight for women’s rights and civil rights and equal rights and protections under the law that was happening in American cities across our nation, including ours! I was scared and I didn’t understand but she comforted me when she told me sometimes change comes long and slow, but it comes and we must never give up and we must never lose hope and faith that justice always comes for everyone in America – because that is what our Founding Fathers wanted for every single American, including blacks and women – she told me “we were all meant to be FREE!” She told me to always take a stand for those who had no voice, to always take a stand against those who would seek to deny another person’s EQUAL right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness! She told me to always take a stand for myself and my freedom because it came at the cost of all those who came before me and died without ever having had it in their lifetime!

    My great, great Grandfather would have been so proud to see how very far we had come since the Civil War when he lead a battle at Gettysburg at the mornings first light so that “all men could live free” and now here we were, election night 2008 and the first American Black man became President of the United States and my heart was overflowing with the memories of childhood and the words of my Mother and all those who fought so hard so that I might be free as a woman, so that we all would be free, so that we would all be treated EQUAL!

    I think I understand what Mrs. Obama meant, because I “felt” it too back in 2008. But, my sense of pride for us as a nation, for what we have achieved as a nation, for finally looking beyond race when we elected the first Black President was never meant to take away from the deep sense of pride I feel as an American nor did it change the way I feel towards our American Military then, or now and why would it? And why was it implied back in 2008, that Mrs. Obama was referring to our Military when she talked about her sense of pride as an adult American woman in her country? The thought never even crossed my mind to tie her words to our Military!

    It’s hard to understand the experiences of others when we have never walked in their shoes and empathy is always lost in our national political discourse it seems when there are votes to be had.

    I take huge issue with any national political figure and people like Mrs. Palin who would demean, disrespect and use any member of our American Military or their families as a means to her end to slam our beloved First Lady who has dedicated her time in the White House to the families of our American Military men and women across our great Country, and to America’s children everywhere while also being a dedicated and loving Wife and Mother to Our President and their children!

    Thank you again, Army Vet for your post and your dedication and service to our Country!

    Pink One

  34. barbara says:


  35. PinkOne says:

    You need to re-check your facts. There are many sources who cite her involvement as late as 2008 and the comments made by AIP members, were not made decades ago, either.

    I call this TREASON against the United States of America.

    I call what Todd and Sarah Palin did inside the GOP Civil War!

    And, Todd and Sarah Palin are REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY because they are AIP PLANTS into the GOP and have been ever since Sarah Palin’s was elected to the position on the Wasilla City Council!

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  37. drlee says:

    wow, is he really your great-great grandfather, and if so how? im a civil war buff. is that why you started this blog? I am glad I found your blog, because I never thought it about like that! But, your right. We are so lucky, and I wish my Mother would have told me that. Im glad you said it – why do white people have such hurt pride? i don’t. i like the guy, voted mccain, because my parents always voted gop and so, so do i. the hatred for our President and his family from the right and fox news is like a sort of nasty and hate like i have never seen before towards an American President, at home. He is so well respected and valued by leaders the world over, and he is doing a good job overall, for what he has been dealing with. and we needed health insurance reform. seems the only place people don’t like him is here – and that kind of racist hate bothers me-to the point I won’t even watch fox news anymore. and, for the first time, I am voting democrat in all mid term elections. the right seems to drive so much hate. so anyway, is he really your great-great grandfather – or are you just saying that? never know what you can really trust these days when it comes to what your read. and that Sarah Palin and her husband sure do sound dangerous with all that aip – keep telling it!

  38. PinkOne says:

    Yes, he really is my great great grandfather – on my father’s side of our family and perhaps his spirit is guiding me on my blog  . But, yes it is true! I am so happy to read you are a voting democrat in the upcoming midterms and why! I know many people who share our sentiments – I know many republican women who are voting democrat because of the crazies sarah palin has endorsed and the racist based hate she is stirring up everywhere she goes. And your right and mr and mrs palin are un-American aip’ers and they are dangerous to our democracy as is the entire radical right that has seized control of the GOP. Amazing isn’t it. And, the American people are not being told anything about her un-American background, instead they have glorified her and packaged her and her family up as a political entertainment reality TV stars. She a complete idiot! An embarrassment and they Koch Brothers want to run her for President –
    The American Free Press is almost as gone as the middle class! One look at the selling of Sarah Palin tells that story, but, there are soon to be published books by well respected authors that are about to tell the real sarah palin story.
    No Worries Dr Lee – I am not going anywhere for a long long time and I am going to keep telling it – until that UN-American Sarah Palin stops making stuff up, and driving hate based speech at our President and his family and our great country and stops disrespecting our American Military and until we rid ourselves from this anger little mob! Welcome to the “Sane” side Dr Lee and seeing right through all that Isanti-TEA!

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