GOP = the Boo-gy Man!

Middle Class American here – Donny Destch and Tina Brown get it right on Morning Joe!  Democrats would be wise to take this free advise from the marketing man – cause babe –  he doesn’t come cheap!

The Boogie Man; Carl Rove and the GOP = all that Foreign money pouring into our Elections from other countries that is dagger in the heart of every single American Job across our great Country!  All that Foreign money pouring into our Elections at the same time we have had 30 years of our jobs trickling down and out of our Country is part of the problem of the GOP!    

 The Democrats need to hammer hard at the GOP for 30 years of middle class jobs being Trickled Down and out of our Country!  While the Democrats try to stimulate jobs and job growth with tax cuts for businesses that DO NOT ship our jobs overseas the GOP and the Billionaire Corporate Owners that are funding GOP Elections and all that foreign money are trying to figure out how to maximize their corporation profits by shipping American jobs overseas, just like the US Chamber of Commerce – and all at the expense of American Workers! 

President Obama is a great communicator and Leader and he can lead this message like no one else! No one else can make “We, the People”; collectively feel better right now about our JOBS then Our Preisdent and Democratic Leaders who are willing to call out the GOP! 

Please Mr. President, drive home this message for the Middle Class Sir!

Change comes long and slow sometimes, but that does mean we QUIT – Americans DO NOT QUIT and we will not rest until the GOP crosses the aisle and creates Middle Class Jobs that will stay on American soil and benefit American Workers and their Families!

Democrats Have You Banged a Bagger today :)   Hammer the GOP for more than 30 of Trickle Down Job Loss!

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